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Roughneck Website Launched!

Roughneck Website Launched!

So the website has been launched. It is still very much work in progress, and we will be fixing bugs as they surprise us and tailor sections as, and if, they are being used.

Once everyone has signed up, admin will grant them access to forum where the fun can start. The forum will have more features added to it over time, such as PMs, Polls, embedded videos, winkythings. But for now we want to stress test it and see how users find it.

Please sign up for the forum here: Register for Forum

Will it ever take over from WhatsApp? Mebbes… mebbes not.

Event Sign-up

The Event sign-up maybe overkill at the moment. We will see how it develops, we may reign it in and just move it to the forum, or envy just leave it in WhatsApp.


If any of you fancy writing any blogs, let us know. I can promote you to authors and let you at it. Behind the scenes it is very easy to add an article, bit like using Word.

Any Bugs/Requests

Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

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