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GMT Roughneck at EGX 2016

GMT Roughneck at EGX 2016
Left-Right; Danchop, Jarv, Mikey, Paul, Andy, Chrisers, Cap and Liam Teabagging Revus.

Nearly a month Ago the unwashed and socially awkward descended on the NEC arena, Birmingham, For the biggest gaming event in the UK. EGX 2016!
With a plethora of members making their way cross country to go on a massive piss up cleverly disguised as a gaming convention, Expertly organised by a few notables Kev getting us in rubs smokehouse, Mikey with the local knowledge, and Liam for doing shit all but getting off his mash..

The show floor was pretty rammed with a wealth of games no chance of playing them all with queue times an all,
We met somes youtubers and community celebrities, did interviews for the free stuff, And paid top price for the tepid beers!
Little Nightmares, Tekken, GoW4, and time splitters lol.

Rubs Smokehouse was everything we could ever hope for Great food, Beers, Company.
was great to meet so many from the clan after speaking on headsets for nearly 2 years,
This is where the write up ends and will leave the remainder of everyone’s nights to the imagination.
But Liams went a bit like this…

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