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GMTR Clan Meet Up – EGX 2017

GMTR Clan Meet Up  – EGX 2017

Another year, another convention! from the far north to the deep south, all roads lead to Birmingham.
Arriving early and getting into the atrium for some beers with some pals we only see once a year.
It gets bigger every year, but the space and stalls doesn’t seem too grow with the the attendees.

There was a lot on show this year, the xbox one x, all the mad pc builds. farcry 5, PUBG, FIFA 18, Destiny 2 to name a few.
for many queues were too long 2 hours some more, definitely hoping they increase the arena space and pump them numbers up to decrease wait times. All in all though its a good day out and a better evening after.

Rubs smokehouse was just as good as ever making it there jus in time for 2-4-1 cocktails which we all took massive advantage of the manhattan an zombie were super alcoholic, foods insane theres pics somewhere of the wall. a massive pizza half covered in fajita mix taco etc, the other side covered in sliders an all other American goodness. the little big boy in Italy was outstandingly calorific a double cheeseburger inside a calzone..
then was off to spoons to finish off the event!

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