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GMTR Is Open For Business

GMTR Is Open For Business


We’re back Recruiting, And in a big way. We are Going to supporting and pushing 3 games to the fullest extent.
With a whole mash of games coming out this season there is a few we think are going be stand out games, two with considerable longevity. And one that will live forever..


Battlefield 1 wastes little time in conveying the savagery of World War 1. A burning man’s screams can be heard at the start of every multiplayer match in the Argonne Forest. It’s ruination on a multi-continental scale, a conflict so large that its location menus showcase a large portion of the Earth. Combined with an enthralling multiplayer component, the overall result is the studio’s best work yet.
Battlefield 1’s multiplayer stays faithful to the series’ roots of open-space combat, but now packing World War 1’s weapons, vehicles, and landscape’s. One of the most polished battlefield titles to date, I think this will be played in the clan for some time. And we are actively seeking out players to join the allied front!

Speak to any Titanfall fan, and they’ll tell you that the game’s movement is unrivalled  in the shooter space. The ability to wall run and double jump, all while constantly on the run, gives Titanfall its fluidity that has yet to be topped. Though the Call of Duty series has Tried to match the intense pace of play and traversal techniques, its widely regarded to have fallen flat on all fronts.

This FreeRunning-style movement works so well because the levels are designed around it, The faster you are moving across the Arena, the more paths the player see open up. This makes for a super fast and agressive meta, which is highly addicting. the graphical fidelity is next level, and so far seems flawless with regards to bugs and glitches.
This is going to be on the clan forefront for some time for sure..

Destiny continues to fuel its own fire, and is as popular as ever! perhaps too popular.. there are limited spaces for this group and to apply go to where Revus & Kev are ready to take it from there 🙂

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