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Destiny Changed My Life By GMTR Revus

Destiny Changed My Life By GMTR Revus

You see my guardian, the Exo Hunter.
He has this bumblebee look going on, He is quick strong and fearless.
He is me, except he isn’t me.
He is actually what I wish I was, a robot, or more specifically a being with a lack of emotion.

I’ve always bee emotional I wear my heart upon my sleeve, but at the same time I bottle up a lot of feelings and thoughts, I guess you could say I’m complicated.

Well one day, one very dark day I broke. My world started to fall apart and I didn’t know what was happening, maybe it was due to ill health or years of bottling up my emotions, but it engulfed me like the thrall pouring out of the dark below mission on the moon.

Depression… What is it?

What was it doing to my mind, my body? I had no idea, I had no one to talk to, my wife was to close to me, I couldn’t explain myself to her well enough to do justice to what I was going through. The doctors tried to help of course, they gave me pills and I rattled as much as tess everis carrying a big bag of silver to the bank.

The pills they didn’t work. I mean not really anyway, no I needed something else, someone else. And there it was sat in my xbox on the desk, a little old game id been playing for 7 months… destiny, I was a day one guardian. Yet at that time I didn’t know what the game was doing for me.

Through destiny I have met some amazing people, some I now have the pleasure to call friends.

I became part of what many would call a clan, but what I call family, and in playing this game, talking to these friends but not have them know what I’m going through, how dark my life seemed.

Well, it started to make things better, they don’t know how much they helped.

My wife still doesn’t understand why I’m drawn into this world of destiny. Who knows maybe one day I’ll tell her about it’s part in making me whole again, Just like she had her part, and my children had their part in making me better an seeing the light once more.

You see that Exo Hunter over there? The one with the Bumblebee look goin on?
He is now 2 years old and he is quick, strong and fearless. He also has emotions.
He is me… he most definitely is ME.

Destiny changed my life.

GMT Roughneck made it better.

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