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Destiny Weapon Tuning – Rise of Iron

Destiny Weapon Tuning – Rise of Iron

Bungie have announced a selection of weapon balancing effects coming into effect in Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion.

The changes in 2.4.0 will go hand in hand with the weapon ecosystem of Rise of Iron.

Full list of changes here:

With Thorn back it has had it’s base range by reduced 25%. Touch of Malice has a surprise nerf, maybe it is so it does not break some mechanics in the new Rise of the Machines raid? Bungie clearly want more players using Sidearms as they get several upgrades.

As expected Universal Remote gets a range reduction. Fabian Strategy, the Titan’s Exotic, could become very interesting with it’s “hold down the trigger to melt enemies until there are none left” improvement. And nice to see Nirwen’s Mercy gets a small damage increase too.

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